Universal Vision

My ideal vision, for this world, is that all of humanity will realize the power of loving kindness and be empowered to continually strive for universal awareness, connection, and wisdom; while supporting one another on the journey.

While this is may seem unattainable, I know that it is my purpose in life to share this vision. In every way possible I must give all that I am to this vision and those around me, for this generation and many more to come.

Mission of Purpose

In order to support my vision and achieve my purpose in this life, I have chose to create a business that provides unique guidance and education for individuals to discover their own protocol for attaining universal awareness, connection, and wisdom. The program is designed to allow each individual the opportunity to integrate body, mind, and spirit; to awaken their soul on their own terms, with support of a mentor who is on their own similar, yet very unique journey of life.


Chrissy Pitcock

My Calling
To offer all I am to the empowerment and acceptance of humanity. I wish to share all of my experience, knowledge, and passion with the world around me. In hopes that others will be inspired to find their passion and accept their calling. Empowering them to be who they are meant to be...an awakened soul!

As a child I was driven to helping others and bringing people together. Which is what originally drew me to the healthcare industry, I now have a bachelor’s degree in Biology and MBA in Healthcare Administration and over 20 years of experience in business development, project management, and coaching. But, it wasn’t until I was working 60 hours a week, in a career I loved, for a major healthcare organization, that I truly understood the physical body was only one piece of the puzzle. The life I thought I always wanted was unfolding before my eyes and I was miserable, then my health began to fail me. And as the mother of three beautiful and very active children, I was very scared, and I realized that I needed to find out everything I could about what was going on inside of me and fix it. As I began that journey it started with identifying symptoms and diagnoses, but I quickly became aware of how mental health effect the body. When it became evident that I was never going to be able to improve my mental or physical health while working 60 hours a week with three kids, a husband, a house to keep, friends, family, etc., I quit my dream job!

I was then able to start a journey of discovery that I never imagined possible and that led me to the development of Individual Protocol. I am blessed beyond measure to be able to passionately pursue my purpose everyday and use this platform to continue to connect myself mind, body, and soul. I do not have all the answers, but I am confident that I will never stop asking the questions, because I can see the joy and fulfillment it has brought to my life and all those around me.

That is what I hope to share with each and everyone of my clients. Developing this program has given me a deeper understanding and acceptance of myself and a passion for empowering individuals to embrace their true self and find their calling through intentional discovery, just as I have.