Are good values getting in your way?

something one accepts as truth, with or without empirical evidence or factual certainty.

Beliefs are a subset or extension of one’s values; according to Sociologist, Morris Massey, foundational core values are set by age 7, during the imprinting stage, and continue to develop through age 21, during the modeling and socializing stages of one’s life. These values directly influence how a person determines what to believe and accept as truth.

Anytime we are willing to accept something as truth without factual evidence and personal analysis, we run the risk creating false beliefs. When these false truths are further influenced by negative experiences or opinion, they can shift from fueling success to stunting the growth of our minds and blocking the success we wish to achieve. When this occurs, these beliefs become known as “limiters”. A limiting belief is any belief that limits a person from achieving their desired results or fullest potential. These can manifest in many areas of one’s life including but not limited to; money, education, religion, relationships, culture, race, gender, and even one’s self.

When a person experiences something that negatively affects them, the unconscious mind will work diligently to protect them from any future negativity related to that experience. Unfortunately, as intelligent as the human mind is, it is sometimes so concerned with self-preservation that it will overlook or even disregard evidence and truth that is contrary to its beliefs. This is how discrimination and biases are formed and become hardwired in our minds. Which as you may know, are very hard to overcome without diligent effort. The unconscious mind will manifest blockades to help protect the physical mind and emotional state, just as they do the physical body for survival. These blockades are typically relayed through fear responses that create immediate action and intense feelings in people, connecting it to their core memory. This response is extremely important for human survival as it teaches the person to protect themselves from situations of imminent danger. However, when the same physical and chemical response is triggered during situations that would be better served with internal analysis it can create a problem. The unconscious can take over and inhibit a person from reacting to the actual situation and evidence in the present, reverting to a memory of extreme circumstance to excite the fear response and enable the protection mode of the unconscious. It is important that each individual question their response against the evidence and validate their truth to choose the appropriate action for the situation. The mind however, will only change if it is empowered to do so, we must reprogram the unconscious protection to the truth when it is known. Once we do this, we can move beyond the limiting beliefs that hold us back from achieving our fullest potential.

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