Personal Development

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Professional Development

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Personal & Professional Coaching

Personal development is the greatest gift one can give to themselves and those around them. Through individual coaching you can jump on the fast track to self-discovery. The guided programs are custom designed to meet each individual exactly where they are on their journey to realization. If you have been struggling long enough and are ready for positive changes beyond your imagination, then one-on-one coaching may be perfect for you.

Professional development is just one area of focus along the path of personal development. For those who are looking to further their careers, build their own business, or improve an existing business; these courses will provide the skills and training needed to reach the successes desired and deserved.

Online Courses

At Individual Protocol we understand that time is not a luxury many have extra of, so we are proud to offer online courses to accommodate our clients’ busy lives. Personal development is the key to achieving your full potential and finding optimal balance and fulfillment in your life, and now you can do it on your own schedule.

Workshops & Retreats

Our group workshops are the perfect way to experience the benefits of guided discovery without the commitment of long term coaching. These offer participants a quick and easy way to take that first step on their journey to realization. They are designed to empower participants to think differently and feel supported to open themselves to the possibility of living their best lives.

Workshops and retreats are uniquely designed for group settings and will be offered periodically through the year for individuals to join in. However, if you are interested in scheduling and hosting a workshop or retreat that is customized to your specific needs and participants, reach out today with you request and we will do our best to make it happen!

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